SWAN Ignition Coils has a range of coils to cover almost every vehicle make and model available in the Australian market.

It says that as “one of the only few truly Australian owned and trademarked ignition coil brands,” it has the Australian market covered, and it also has coils available for imported vehicles.

“With such an extensive catalogue of coils, we saw it best to make our range available to auto parts resellers via an industry based electronic aftermarket parts catalogue called OSCAR,” SWAN Ignition Coils Marketing Manager, said.

“The OSCAR platform utilises intelligent mechanisms that enables vehicle searching via Rego, VIN and traditional point and click listings for both the Australian and New Zealand market.

“With over two decades of research, OSCAR has accumulated a comprehensive and accurate vehicle database that is constantly updated to ensure that if a vehicle is being driven on either an Australian or New Zealand Road, it will be covered.

“The benefit we have found from using OSACR is that auto parts resellers Australia wide now have easy access to our coils.

“With this recent sales platform, we have seen our market share and brand awareness expand further into the reseller sector for full Australian coverage.

“Where other brands offer a more select range, we are able to cover their gap so that resellers can rely on us as a ‘one point of call’ ignition coil brand.

“We are now able to supply a SWAN ignition coil replacement (IC70868) for the current model Ford Mustang GT / GT Bullitt / Mach 1 series, powered by either a 335kw or 345kw, 5.0 litre engine.

“We have aimed so high with our range and quality that we even cover luxury vehicles.

“Part number IC70863 is compatible with the Mercedes Benz AMG A45, CLA45 and GLA45 series. This coil also suits other Mercedes Benz and Infiniti vehicles running either a 1.6 litre turbo or 2.0 litre turbo engine.

“Part number IC70855 is compatible with the Bentley Continental and Flying Spur running a 4.0 litre twin turbo 32V engine, while part number IC445 is compatible with the 6.0 litre twin turbo engine variant.

“Part number IC70860 is compatible with the BMW M Sport series, such as the M235i running a 2.0 litre turbo engine and the M240i running a 3.0 litre turbo engine. This coil also suits other 2014 onwards built BMWs and Minis running a turbo engine.

“With our continued expansion, we have also been able to offer our reseller customers our SWAN fuel pumps via OSCAR, although this range is not as comprehensive as our ignition coil range, the fuel pump range is ever increasing.

“Auto parts resellers Australia wide can supply our SWAN range to their customers by purchasing them on OSCAR.

“Some people reading this article may wonder what OSCAR is, but people in the auto parts purchasing industry will well and truly be familiar with OSCAR and now with our SWAN brand.”

For more information, find the SWAN brand on the OSCAR catalogue

Published article can be view at this link: https://www.aftermarket.com.au/swan-ignition-coils-2/ or https://issuu.com/aaaa710/docs/aaam_nov_2021_ezine/91


Lasts years pandemic did not stop us from expanding our SWAN ignition coil catalogue, we were able to add some new performance vehicle coils to our range.

As part of our new range, part number IC517 runs the 2018 Hyundai i30 N Performance variant, the i30 N has a 2.0L turbocharged i4 engine that puts out 202kW of power and 378Nm of torque (on overboost).

Part number IC492 runs the 2015 Toyota 86, which uses a 2.0L Subaru Flat 4 engine (without a turbo), that puts out 147kW of power and 205Nm of torque. This car is popular with Toyota car modification enthusiasts.

Part number IC274 runs Toyotas performance version vehicles that use the 3.0L twin turbo 2JZ-GTE engine, as found in the 4th generation Supra made popular by the Fast & Furious movies. The engine boasts 206kW of power and 432Nm of torque for the Japanese market, while power in the overseas version was increased to 239kW and 441Nm (VVT engine 451Nm).

Part number IC70806A is an upgraded performance coil for Holden vehicles running the LS3 engine, the coil is originally found in the Corvette LS7 engine. The LS3 outputs 317kW of power and 575Nm torque (HSV variants were upgraded to produce 325kW), while the LS7 produces 375kW of power and 640Nm of torque. The advantage the LS7 performance coil has over the stock standard LS3 coil (can also replace the LS2 coil) is a bigger spark that improves power and acceleration.

Higher voltage allows for a larger spark plug gap that delivers a larger spark, resulting in a stronger initial combustion, it also bridges the spark plug gap faster. While higher voltage helps improve performance, it is not the only reliance, more so the key is to maintain voltage under load. So importantly performance ignition coils need to function consistently, maintaining voltage throughout the acceleration range. This is achieved by the internal construction of the coil by way of heavy gauge windings and more windings per coil.

Our new release of performance coils has been made possible by our ever-increasing SWAN ignition coil brand awareness and customer confidence in our quality, as such our customer base ranges from public to trade and reseller.

Resellers can also benefit from our last year’s launch onto AutoInfo’s online catalogue Oscar, where they can purchase our SWAN ignition coils along with our brake pads and fuel pumps/modules.

Coinciding with last year’s AutoInfo launch, we also expanded our coils into the New Zealand market.

Published article can be view at this link: www.aftermarket.com.au/swan-ignition-coils/


The Shitbox Rally is a bi-annual event that raises vital money and awareness for cancer research. Again, SWAN Ignition Coils was proud to support the cause by donating ignition coils to Team Greg & Goldy to power their 1991 Nissan 300ZX.

After five years of trying to enter, the team made up of Matthew Goldsmith and Greg Otto finally took part in last year’s rally. They made up one of the 250 competing cars, along with numerous support crews to participate in the 2019 Spring Rally, held between 19-25 October.

To participate each team needed to raise $5000, team Greg & Goldy had raised $7000 with the entire event raising 2.3 million dollars.

In the past ten years the rally has raised over 21 million dollars for cancer research with improvements in diagnosis, treatment and support for patients, with the eventual goal of finding a cure.

All cars running in the event were purchased for under $1000, the Nissan 300ZX was pulled out of a paddock with the engine laying in parts in the boot.

After being emotionally moved by the charitable intentions of Matthew and Greg, the selling owner Jethro Miller offered to help restore the car putting in over 100 hours of unpaid labour. With the teams’ efforts and community support the car was restored back to race condition.

Along with the money raised for cancer research, the rally also had a flow on effect to the many remote rural communities that made up the rally route, with these towns seeing their populations explode for a much-needed economic boost as they catered for the race participants.

Feedback from the team is that the SWAN ignition coils performed perfectly well travelling the gruelling 3500klm terrain from Melbourne to Townsville with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees, putting enormous load and strain on the car’s engine.

The durability of the coils had been tried and test during the production stage as SWAN coils undergo thermal temperature shock test ranging from a high 125 degrees Celsius to a low of -40 degrees.

Being an Australia owned and operated brand, SWAN Ignition Coils gets great pride from putting back into the community via supporting charitable organisation, the Shitbox rally is just but one.

While the 2019 event may be over, you can still show your support for the fight against cancer by visiting www.Shitboxrally.com.au

Published article can be view at this link: www.aftermarket.com.au/swan-ignition-coils-supports-the-rally-to-fight-cancer/

Swan Ignition Coils supports The Bonobos who are participating in the Shitbox Rally, raising money for Cancer research.

Swan Ignition Coils is proud to be part supporting The Bonobos who are participating in the annual Shitbox Rally event that raises money and awareness for the important work the Cancer Council carries out. The rally is run between 19th to May 25th and travels 38000 km from Brisbane to Darwin and is officially endorsed by the Cancer Council. In its ninth year the rally was founded by James Freeman after he experienced a family tragedy due to cancer, so all the money raised goes towards vital cancer research to fight the disease and hopefully one day no other person will be affected by the disease.

The events focus on mates coming together for an adventure of a life time, toughing out the hash Australian terrain all for a great cause.

In the rally we are supporting team The Bonobos and their 1982 Mercedes Benz 280se, they are one of over 200 team entrants and supporting vehicles that will brave the gruelling terrain. It’s difficult enough for a well kept modern car to make the distance, let alone a “shitbox” worth just over a $1000.Jeremy Gumley and Lucas McAuley make up team Bonobos, last year their car survived, completing the distance and helped raise over $8000.

This year Swan Ignition Coils is jumping on board with our support in an effort to help Team Bonobos beat last year’s figure. Jeremy and Lucas are organising various fundraising events to raise money, you can show your support for the Shit Box Charity rally and The Bonobos via their donation page https://donate18.shitboxrally.com.au/the-bonobos or search Facebook, “The Bonobos”.

Amongst other donations, to help the team raise money we offered to donate a set of Swan Ignition Coils to be auctioned during a charity event.

You can view our ignition coil range at www.swancoils.com.au

Published in the AAAA Magazine, August 2018

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