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The Shitbox Rally is a bi-annual event that raises vital money and awareness for cancer research. Again, SWAN Ignition Coils was proud to support the cause by donating ignition coils to Team Greg & Goldy to power their 1991 Nissan 300ZX.

After five years of trying to enter, the team made up of Matthew Goldsmith and Greg Otto finally took part in last year’s rally. They made up one of the 250 competing cars, along with numerous support crews to participate in the 2019 Spring Rally, held between 19-25 October.

To participate each team needed to raise $5000, team Greg & Goldy had raised $7000 with the entire event raising 2.3 million dollars.

In the past ten years the rally has raised over 21 million dollars for cancer research with improvements in diagnosis, treatment and support for patients, with the eventual goal of finding a cure.

All cars running in the event were purchased for under $1000, the Nissan 300ZX was pulled out of a paddock with the engine laying in parts in the boot.

After being emotionally moved by the charitable intentions of Matthew and Greg, the selling owner Jethro Miller offered to help restore the car putting in over 100 hours of unpaid labour. With the teams’ efforts and community support the car was restored back to race condition.

Along with the money raised for cancer research, the rally also had a flow on effect to the many remote rural communities that made up the rally route, with these towns seeing their populations explode for a much-needed economic boost as they catered for the race participants.

Feedback from the team is that the SWAN ignition coils performed perfectly well travelling the gruelling 3500klm terrain from Melbourne to Townsville with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees, putting enormous load and strain on the car’s engine.

The durability of the coils had been tried and test during the production stage as SWAN coils undergo thermal temperature shock test ranging from a high 125 degrees Celsius to a low of -40 degrees.

Being an Australia owned and operated brand, SWAN Ignition Coils gets great pride from putting back into the community via supporting charitable organisation, the Shitbox rally is just but one.

While the 2019 event may be over, you can still show your support for the fight against cancer by visiting

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