Ignition Coil Structure

The Epoxy Casting System that was developed in Germany is the main one used to produce SWAN ignition coils, while the resin is sourced from Japan.

In addition, our technology utilises a horizontal plastic injection machine (also manufactured in Germany), a winding and assembly cell from Italy, a thermal shock test chamber and various other pieces of sophisticated technology sourced from countries at the forefront of manufacturing.

SWAN Ignition Coils exclusively use Japanese and German copper wiring for our primary and secondary spool to ensure that our coils use the highest quality raw materials.

To ensure maximum quality, SWAN Ignition coils are first put through rigorous testing before they begin consumer production, they undergo thermal temperature shock test ranging from a high of 140 Degrees Celsius to a low of -40 Degrees, this cycle is run up to 100 times to test the durability and ensuring maximum lifespan. Our coils are also put through a high temperature endurance test, reaching a temperature of 140 Degrees Celsius and running for up to 500 hours.

SWAN Ignition Coils carry the added advantage over our competitors of ensuring complete compatibility with the Engine Control Unit (ECU), while also offering electronic component protection, electromagnetic interference resistance, a reliable voltage for smooth engine performance, lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions for your vehicle.


The ignition coil typically comes in 6 variants:

- Distributor ignition coils
- Block ignition coils
- Block ignition coils with two high-voltage outlets
- Pencil coil with dual spark technology
- Pencil coil with single spark technology
- Ignition coil pack

Ignition Coil Diagram
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