SWAN Brake Pads Technical Documents

With over two decades of research our SWAN brake pads are made by a World leading manufacturer that has a market share as far reaching as North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

The company is an original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M) of pads to over 20 vehicle companies, which includes Volkswagen, Chrysler, Ford USA and Japanese Auto, they also supply pads to well-known brake pad brands.

SWAN Ceramic brake pads are made using a ceramic compound and copper fibres rather than the steel fibres found in semi-metallic pads, this compound reacts to heat by tightening its molecular structure resulting in a dramatic increase in braking performance.

Our brake pads suit the world's most popular and widely sold vehicles and are designed using market leading technologies to produce a final quality product that has passed: ISO9001, VDA6.1, QS9000, ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001 standards.

With the use of advanced friction material testing and a scientific research centre, SWAN brake pads are designed and developed to either meet or exceed all original vehicle specifications.

A series of cutting-edge instruments such as, electronic lens, sulphur dioxide atomization detection, Linke benchmark testing and the use world's most advanced LINK NVH3900 noise test bench, ensure that SWAN brake pads always lead the way in quality, performance and environmental protection.

The benefits of SWAN pads are:

- Identical Specifications to Original Equipment

- Increased Stopping Performance & Faster Recovery After Stopping

- Less Dust & Wear on Both Pads and Rotors/Discs

- Helps to Maintain a Cleaner Wheels

- Able to Handle Extreme Braking Temperatures & Conditions

- Higher Heat Fade Resistance

- Reduced Noise & Vibrations

- Scorching process to eliminate bedding-in - Asbestos free


Increased stopping performance
Increased stopping performance and faster recovery
Less dust
Less dust and wear on pads and rotors, helps to maintain a cleaner wheel
Higher heat fade resistance
Able to handle extreme heat as they have a higher heat fade resistance
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