Ignition Coils

In order for a car’s engine to operate smoothly and efficiently, it needs a high quality and reliable ignition coil to create the spark needed to ignite the engine. This process consists of a primary and secondary coil, which transforms a low volt current coming from the car battery into a high voltage electricity that enables the engine to ignite.

SWAN Coils offers high quality ignition coils that either meet or exceed the car’s original manufacturers’ required specifications, as they are made by a World leading O.E.M supplier.

We locally stock a comprehensive range of ignition coils to suit all major vehicle manufacturers and car models.

Use our Industry based Parts Finder where you can enter in your Registration Number Plate or manually select your vehicle from the menu to see all the available parts for your car.

As we are car ignition specialist, feel free to Contact Us if you need help selecting the correct parts.

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