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This year has been a big leap forward for Swan Ignition Coils

Swan Ignition Coils says it is pleased to announce its high quality ignition coils are now presented in what it believes is a new and improved package design which also incorporates an anti-static inner bag to protect the ignition coil.

Swan Ignition Coils has sponsored competitive rally teams this year by supplying its ignition coils that were used on race day, and it also supported charities with donations. The brand name Swan Ignition Coils was also officially Australian Trademark registered.

During the year, with the ever-increasing demand for ignition coils, Swan Ignition Coils explains it has also expanded its coil range to cover more than 6,000 individual vehicle applications, with all stock being housed in its Melbourne warehouse for immediate delivery – the company states this means there is no need to wait on stock arrival from third party suppliers or manufacturers.

With the vast number of suppliers and manufacturers now on the market that sell ignition coils, Swan Ignition Coils says it can offer its assurance on the quality of its product.

It states its coils are manufactured by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) which supplies to certain automotive markets around the world, ensuring the “quality and reliability is on par with the best on the market.”

An Epoxy Casting System that was developed in Germany is the main one used for the production of Swan ignition coils; it says.

In addition, the technology utilises a horizontal plastic injection machine (also manufactured in Germany), a winding and assembly cell from Italy, a thermal shock test chamber and various other pieces of sophisticated technology sourced from other industry leading countries.

All of these tools and pieces of equipment are specifically manufactured following the ISO quality standards, the TS16949 quality system applied to all Swan ignition coils.

Lastly, Swan Ignition Coils explains it has also paired up its ignition coil range with spark plugs from every major manufacturer.

To find the correct vehicle ignition coil, visit or phone 03 9331 5658. You can also find Swan Ignition Coils on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Published in the AAAA Magazine, November 2018

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