Eagle Ignition Leads (E56186)

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In stock

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Brand New Genuine Eagle Ignition Lead Set

A premium quality Copper Core ignition lead set with Resistors and designed to be an aftermarket replacement for European vehicles fitted with this type of technology.

Tested to ISO 3808 standards.

3 ± 1 OHMS resistance per metre (approx)

24 strands of 0.20 (24 / 0.20) Nickel Coated Copper conductor

260°C silicone on silicone insulating jackets with fibre glass braid

200°C heavy duty silicone spark plug boots fitted with internal resistors (where applicable

Silicone or E.P.D.M. distributor and coil boots fitted with internal resistors (where applicable)

Pairing our SWAN Ignition Coils with Eagle Ignition Leads will give your vehicle a performance boost.

* Please ensure this product is suitable for your vehicle prior to purchase, if unsure contact us for assistance.

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Weight2.0 kg
Dimensions19 × 22 × 6 cm
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