SWAN Ignition Coil (IC70880)

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External Ford Subaru & Nissan Bluebird Navara Cedric Gloria Pulsar Skyline NX-R

In stock

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SWAN Ignition Coils carry a 24 month's manufacturer's warranty*


Direct O.E.M Replacement SWAN Ignition Coil

Through our understanding of automotive markets around the world SWAN Ignition Coils offer a premium range of coils for all make of vehicle, this is achieved by the use of our state of the art Research and Development facility that utilises the precision of German Engineering.

Connector: 2-Pin
Notes: External Coil
Number of Ignition Coils Required: 1
Cross Reference: Ford / Nissan

*Please ensure this product is suitable for your vehicle prior to purchase, if you are unsure, contact us for assistance.

Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 10 cm
Ford Corsair US 11/1989-08/1992 KA24E 2.4L
Subaru Justy J10 07/1992-07/1994 EF12 1.2L
Subaru Legacy BC 02/1989-09/1993 EJ18 1.8L
Nissan AD Y10 10/1990-05/1997 GA13DS 1.3L
Nissan Avenir W10 05/1990-07/1998 SR18DE 1.8L
Nissan Avenir W10 1998-2002 SR20DE 2.0L
Nissan Bluebird U12 1987-1992 CA16S 1.6L
Nissan Bluebird U12 02/1988-08/1991 SR20DE 2.0L
Nissan Bluebird U13 09/1991-12/1995 SR20DE 2.0L
Nissan Bluebird U13 09/1991-12/1995 SR20DET 2.0LT
Nissan Caravan E24 10/1988-04/2001 VG30DE 3.0L
Nissan Cedric Y30 06/1983-11/1995 CA20S 2.0L
Nissan Cedric Y33 06/1995-05/1999 VG30E 3.0L
Nissan Cedric Y33 01/1996-05/1999 VG20E 2.0L
Nissan Cefiro A31 09/1988-07/1994 RB20E 2.0L
Nissan Cefiro A31 09/1988-07/1994 RB20DE 2.0L
Nissan Figaro K10 02/1991-12/1992 MA10ET 1.0LT
Nissan Gloria Y30 06/1983-08/1997 VG20E 2.0L
Nissan Gloria Y31/33 06/1987-12/2005 VG20E 2.0L
Nissan Gloria Y31 06/1987-12/2005 VG30E 3.0L
Nissan Gloria Y32 06/1991-04/1995 VG30E 3.0L
Nissan Homy E24 1990-2001 NA20 2.0L
Nissan Largo W30 1993-1999 KA24DE 2.4L
Nissan Laurel C32 1984-1993 VG20DET 20.LT
Nissan Laurel C33 1988-1992 RB20E 2.0L
Nissan Laurel C34 1993-1997 RB20E 2.0L
Nissan March K10 1985-1991 MA10ET 1.0LT
Nissan Maxima J30 08/1988-08/1991 VG30DE 3.0L
Nissan Maxima J30 05/1990-12/1994 VG30E 3.0L
Nissan Micra K11E 05/1995-12/1997 CG13DE 1.3L
Nissan Navara D21 10/1987-03/1992 Z24 2.4L
Nissan Navara D21 03/1992-10/1995 KA24E 2.4L
Nissan Navara D21 03/1992-01/1997 VG30E 3.0L
Nissan Nomad C22 12/1986-10/1992 Z24 2.4L
Nissan NX B13 10/1991-12/1995 SR20DE 2.0L
Nissan Pathfinder D21 08/1986-07/1992 Z24S 2.4L
Nissan Pathfinder D21 07/1992-09/1995 VG30E 3.0L
Nissan Patrol Y60 09/1988-01/1997 RB30 3.0L
Nissan Pintara U12 08/1989-10/1992 KA24E 2.4L
Nissan Prairie M11 09/1988-07/1995 CA20S 2.0L
Nissan Prairie M11 09/1990-07/1995 KA24E 2.4L
Nissan Presea R10 1990-1994 SR18DI 1.8L
Nissan Primera P10 1990-1995 SR18DE 1.8L
Nissan Primera P10 1991-1995 SR20DE 2.0L
Nissan Primera P11 1995-1998 SR18DE 1.8L
Nissan Pulsar N14 1990-1992 SR18DE 1.8L
Nissan Pulsar N14 10/1990-07/1995 SR20DET 2.0LT
Nissan Pulsar Y10 1991-1998 GA16DS 1.6L
Nissan Pulsar N14 12/1992-08/1995 SR20DE 2.0L
Nissan Sentra N13 1989-1991 GA14S 1.4L
Nissan Sentra B12 1989-1991 GA14S 1.4L
Nissan Skyline R31 10/1988-12/1990 RB30E 3.0L
Nissan Skyline R31 1985-1989 RB20E 2.0L
Nissan StageA C34 09/1996-07/1997 RB20E 2.0L
Nissan Sunny B13 1990-1993 SR18DE 1.8L
Nissan Terrano D21 1987-1995 VG30E 3.0L
Nissan Vanette C120 1981-1988 Z20S 2.0L
Nissan Vanette C22 04/1988-04/1993 Z20 2.0L
Nissan Vanette C22 09/1987-10/1991 Z24S 2.4L
Nissan Vanette C23 1991-1994 SR20DE 2.0L
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