New Australian Distributor of Sealwel Cooling System Cubes

Early last year, Swanzone Pty Ltd. made the business decision to become the Australian distributor for Sealwel.

Sealwel Cooling System Cubes was originally developed in the USA and sold as Lusco Cubes and Rebuilder Cubes. That original formula is now manufactured exclusively in New Zealand by Auto Agencies. Swanzone continues the 80 years of proven product history by being the Australian distributor.

As most mechanics know, the cooling system is one of the most important components of a car’s engine, as it regulates temperature and prevents vehicle overheating. If the system develops leaks, corrosion, and deposits, that can affect the performance and lead to overheating and premature engine damage.

This is where Sealwel comes into play; it can prevent cooling system issues by cleaning, sealing, and lubricating the cooling system while the car is being driven.

One of the main functions of Sealwel is to seal leaks in the cooling system, whether they be in the radiator, head gasket, or engine block. It can also stop oil to water leaks.

Another use for Sealwel is to clean the cooling system from dirt, grease, and oil that can affect coolant flow to the engine. Such deposits can reduce engine power and efficiency, which in turn can increase emissions and fuel consumption. Once these deposits are removed, coolant circulation will also improve.

Sealwel can also lubricate the water pump, thermostat, and heater valve within the cooling system; this can help prevent friction and wear, which will extend the lifespan of the engine.

The exclusive and unique Sealwel formula forms a layer of repair material that seals from the inside, through the hole to the outside. This repair layer expands and contracts with changes in temperature and operating conditions.

Sealwel is easy to use and is safe for aluminium, alloy, and all other metal components. And unlike other sealers, you do not need to drain coolant.

There are many proclaimed sealants on the market, but their result does not compare to the repair quality of Sealwel, which is why feedback from mechanics has been great, particularly engine rebuilders who use one cube of Sealwel with every rebuild.

Sealwel is available in a blister pack of two or a box of twenty-eight.

Like any repair product, you should read the label and follow the manufacturer's instructions before using it.

Sealwel is available from major retail outlets: Repco, Nappa, and Nason Engine Parts. It is also available from Parts4 Automotive and other independent auto parts stores. To find your nearest retail distributor, please contact Swanzone on (03) 9336 2889.

As published in the November 2023 issue:

SWAN Ignition Coils helps drive Harrison Turnbull to Victory

Swan Ignition Coils is proud to be supporting and promoting Harrison Turnbull’s Junior Sedan career.

Harrison’s love for motor racing was ignited at an early age when his mother and uncles raced speedway go-karts. Along with his family role models, Harrison looks up to James McFadden, a Northern Territory Sprintcar racer. In 2018, James won the Tri-Star Cup at the Chariots of Thunder event in Darwin and held a competition, allowing his supporters to win the trophy. Harrison was lucky enough to take it home.

Harrison followed in the family footsteps in 2017 when he started racing a speedway go-kart at the age of 7. The following year, Harrison won the sub-junior speedway go-kart events at both the Australian and Northern Territory Titles.

With his impressive go-kart driving skills at such a young age, he was offered a drive for the 2020 Speedway Junior Sedans season behind the wheel of an old Toyota Corolla.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid lockdowns, his home track of Northline Speedway did not host any events that year, so he had to make the six-hour round trip to Katherine Speedway to participate in their shortened season.

Harrison upgraded his Corolla to a Daihatsu Charade for the 2021 and 2022 Northline Speedway Junior Sedans seasons, which is when he had his first major achievement in the class. In 2021, he won the Top Stars Junior Championship, the DSRDA Most Improved, and Junior Sports Person of the Year.

At this year’s Kununurra Speedway Junior Sedan title, held on September 9th, Harrison managed 3 heat wins and his first Junior Sedan track title. His victory came in his current car, a Hyundai Excel, which is running our SWAN ignition coil.

At SWAN ignition coils, we believe it is vital to support independent race teams, as we have done before and will continue to do so. We also see that we need to invest in the next generation of race drivers to help them achieve their goals and ambitions.

Harrison is primarily competing in the championship at Northline Speedway for the Top Star Junior Sedans. He is, however, looking to start racing in interstate events in order to experience new tracks and compete at State and National title events. His future ambitions are to compete in a Wingless Sprintcar or, at the very least, crew for a Sprintcar team.

Harrison’s skills also go beyond the steering wheel, as he does all his race car maintenance.

You can follow Harrison’s motorsport career on his team’s Facebook page, Bluedog Racing:

To find your nearest SWAN Ignition Coils stockist, phone us at (03) 9336 2889.

As published in the October 2023 issue:

SWAN Ignition Coils Attends the 2022 Parts 4 Trade Show.

After a three-year absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Parts 4 trade show returned in 2022, which was held at the Rydes Hotel in Sydney.

SWAN Ignition Coils debuted as an exhibitor this year after becoming a preferred supplier for the Parts 4 group earlier in May.

Prior to the trade show, we had already been supplying our ignition coils to Parts 4 retailers and had received great feedback on our range and high quality, but we saw that the mutually beneficial relationship could be nurtured with other members.

To give some insight into the Parts 4 Automotive Group, it was founded in March 2001 and consisted of only eight Victorian stores. The founders were frustrated by their current arrangement with suppliers as they were being dictated to regarding stock and advertising. So, they sorted out a better way to empower themselves and other independent retailers into a position that would give them an even playing field when it comes to purchasing and negotiating power.

Today, the group has expanded Australia wide to consist of ninety-six independently run retail stores and sixty-four preferred suppliers.

For us at SWAN Ignition Coils, trade shows are not a new experience. We have been exhibiting our range at the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo (AAAE) for the past six years. During a meeting with Kim Mamouney (Parts 4 Business Development Manager) at this year’s AAAE, we were so amazed with what the group had achieved and what it could offer us as a preferred supplier, that we submitted our application.

Although the Parts 4 Trade Show is on a smaller scale, we were very impressed with the organisation and outcome of the event.

During the Parts 4 Trade Show, we were fortunate enough to make such a positive impact that we gained many new customers (which we prefer to call partners). Subsequently, due to the traction of our positive feedback, we have gained Parts 4 partners that had not even attended the Trade Show.

Our larger partnerships has enabled our Australian-owned and Trademark-registered brand to find its way into more and more vehicles on the Australian road. Our ignition coils are even making their mark on international roads as we are ever expanding our international presence, with partners in New Zealand and other individual global locations.

Our presence on the global stage may broaden as there is the possibility that we will exhibit at next year's AAPEX in Las Vegas and Automechanika in Birmingham. These two events will further help cement SWAN as a genuine brand in the ignition coil sector. So, watch out for next year’s updates.

The automotive mechanical industry can contact their local Parts 4 store (found via their website to request our SWAN Ignition Coil range, while Parts 4 retails, along with other retailers, can find our range on both OSCAR and Techdoc or can contact us direct on 03 9336 2889.

As published in the November 2022 issue:

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