New Australian Distributor of Sealwel Cooling System Cubes

Early last year, Swanzone Pty Ltd. made the business decision to become the Australian distributor for Sealwel.

Sealwel Cooling System Cubes was originally developed in the USA and sold as Lusco Cubes and Rebuilder Cubes. That original formula is now manufactured exclusively in New Zealand by Auto Agencies. Swanzone continues the 80 years of proven product history by being the Australian distributor.

As most mechanics know, the cooling system is one of the most important components of a car’s engine, as it regulates temperature and prevents vehicle overheating. If the system develops leaks, corrosion, and deposits, that can affect the performance and lead to overheating and premature engine damage.

This is where Sealwel comes into play; it can prevent cooling system issues by cleaning, sealing, and lubricating the cooling system while the car is being driven.

One of the main functions of Sealwel is to seal leaks in the cooling system, whether they be in the radiator, head gasket, or engine block. It can also stop oil to water leaks.

Another use for Sealwel is to clean the cooling system from dirt, grease, and oil that can affect coolant flow to the engine. Such deposits can reduce engine power and efficiency, which in turn can increase emissions and fuel consumption. Once these deposits are removed, coolant circulation will also improve.

Sealwel can also lubricate the water pump, thermostat, and heater valve within the cooling system; this can help prevent friction and wear, which will extend the lifespan of the engine.

The exclusive and unique Sealwel formula forms a layer of repair material that seals from the inside, through the hole to the outside. This repair layer expands and contracts with changes in temperature and operating conditions.

Sealwel is easy to use and is safe for aluminium, alloy, and all other metal components. And unlike other sealers, you do not need to drain coolant.

There are many proclaimed sealants on the market, but their result does not compare to the repair quality of Sealwel, which is why feedback from mechanics has been great, particularly engine rebuilders who use one cube of Sealwel with every rebuild.

Sealwel is available in a blister pack of two or a box of twenty-eight.

Like any repair product, you should read the label and follow the manufacturer's instructions before using it.

Sealwel is available from major retail outlets: Repco, Nappa, and Nason Engine Parts. It is also available from Parts4 Automotive and other independent auto parts stores. To find your nearest retail distributor, please contact Swanzone on (03) 9336 2889.

As published in the November 2023 issue:

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