SWAN Fuel Pump (FP70203)

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Mercedes Benz C-Class CLK CLC Kompressor

In stock

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Direct O.E.M Replacement Fuel Pump Module Assembly

Made by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M), SWAN fuel pumps and module assemblies meet all original vehicle manufacturer specifications.

Operating Mode: Electric
Voltage: 12V
Current: 7.5A
Pressure: 3 Bar
Flow Rate: 115 L/h
Connector: 5-Pin
Inlets/Outlets: 2
Other: Refer Image
Cross Reference: -

*The parts and fittings vary with each fuel pump depending on vehicle, while our modules are supplied as a complete assembly.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 25 cm

From VIN: R042895, E006091, A252580, F182331


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Mercedes Benz
C160 CL203 5/02-2/08 M271.921 1.8L -
C180 CL/S/W203 10/01-5/02 M111.951 2.0L From R042895/A252580
C180 K CL/S/W203 5/02-2/08 M271.946 1.8L -
C200 K CL/S/W203 10/01-5/02 M111.955 2.0L From R042895/A252580
C200 K CL/S/W203 5/02-2/08 M271.940 1.8L -
C200 K CL/S/W203 3/03-4/05 M271.942 1.8L -
C220 CL203 9/02-2/08 M271.940 1.8L -
C230 K CL203 10/01-5/02 M111.981 2.3L From A252580
C230 K CL/S/W203 5/02-5/05 M271.948 1.8L -
C230 CL/S/W203 1/05-2/08 M272.920 2.5L -
C240 S/W203 10/01-5/05 M112.912 2.6L From R042895/A252580
C280 S/W203 1/05-2/07 M272.941 3.0L -
C32 K W203 2/01-1/04 M112.961 3.2L -
C320 S/W203 10/01-6/05 M112.946 3.2L From R042895/A252580
CLC160 CL203 2/09-10/10 M271 1.6L -
CLC180 CL203 5/08-5/10 M271.946 1.8L -
CLC200 CL203 5/08-5/10 M271.957 1.8L -
CLC230 CL203 5/08-5/10 M272.920 2.5L -
CLK200 K A/C209 9/02-12/09 M271 1.8L -
CLK240 A/C209 6/02-3/05 M112.912 2.6L -
CLK280 A/C209 1/05-12/09 M272.940 3.0L -
CLK320 C209 6/02-3/05 M112.955 3.2L -
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