SWAN Fuel Pump (FP70206)

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BMW E82 E87 E88 E90 E91 E92 E93 E84

In stock

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Direct O.E.M Replacement Fuel Pump Module Assembly

Made by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M), SWAN fuel pumps and module assemblies meet all original vehicle manufacturer specifications.

Operating Mode: Electric
Voltage: 12V
Current: 11A
Pressure: 3 Bar
Flow Rate: 170 L/h
Connector: 2-Pin (x2)
Inlets/Outlets: 2
Other: -
Cross Reference: GE406, EFP-564M

*The parts and fittings vary with each fuel pump depending on vehicle, while our modules are supplied as a complete assembly.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 20 cm

Twin Electrical Plugs


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116i E87 2007-2011 N43B16A 1.6L -
118i E88 2008-2010 N43B20A 2.0L -
120i E82 2009-2010 N43B20A 2.0L -
120i E87 2006-2010 N43B20A 2.0L -
125i E82 2008-2014 N52B30 3.0L -
125i E88 2008-2015 N52B30 3.0L -
130i E87 2007-2010 N52B30 3.0L -
135i E82, E88 2008-2010 N54B30 3.0L -
1M E82 2011-2014 N54B30 3.0L -
320i E90, E91 2007-2010 N43B20 2.0L -
323i E90, E91 2005-2012 N52B25 2.5L -
323i E92 2006-2009 N52B25 2.5L -
325i E90, E91 2004-2012 N52B25 2.5L -
325i E92, E93 2006-2014 N52B25 2.5L -
325i E90, E91 2008-2010 N52B30 3.0L -
325i E93 2006-2010 N52B30 3.0L -
330i E90, E91 2005-2008 N52B30 3.0L -
335i E90, E92, E93 2006-2010 N54B30A 3.0L -
335i E91 2007-2010 N54B30A 3.0L -
335i M E90 2010-2012 N55B30A 3.0L -
335i M E91 2009-2012 N55B30A 3.0L -
335i M E92, E93 2010-2014 N55B30A 3.0L -
X1 E84 2010-2012 N52B30 3.0L -
X1 E84 2011-2015 N20B20 2.0L Turbo -
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