SWAN Ignition Coil (IC432)

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Mercedes Benz C63, CL63, CLK63, CLS63, E63, ML63, S63, S63L & SL63 (5.5L Turbo / 6.2L)

In stock

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 3 $110.00
4 - 5 5 % $104.50
6 - 7 8 % $101.20
8+ 10 % $99.00
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SWAN Ignition Coils carry a 24 month's manufacturer's warranty*


Direct O.E.M Replacement SWAN Ignition Coil

Through our understanding of automotive markets around the world SWAN Ignition Coils offer a premium range of coils for all make of vehicle, this is achieved by the use of our state of the art Research and Development facility that utilises the precision of German Engineering.

Connector: 3-Pin
Inlets/Outlets: 1
Number of Ignition Coils Required: 8
Cross Reference: MB: (A) 1561500080, (A) 1561500380, (A) 1569060400, (A) 1569060500, (A) 1569064400

*Please ensure this product is suitable for your vehicle prior to purchase, if you are unsure, contact us for assistance.

Additional information

Weight 0.54 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 9.2 × 9.2 cm


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Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz C63 W204 2/08-7/14 M156.985 6.2L SOHC
Mercedes Benz C63 S204 9/08-2/15 M156.985 6.2L SOHC
Mercedes Benz C63 C204 7/11-2/15 M156.985 6.2L SOHC
Mercedes Benz C63 W204/C204/S204 8/13-2/15 M156.985 6.2L DOHC
Mercedes Benz C63 C204 3/12-7/13 M156.982 6.2L
Mercedes Benz CL63 C216 4/07-10/10 M156.984 6.2L
Mercedes Benz CLK63 C209 / A209 9/06-6/10 M156.982 6.2L
Mercedes Benz CLS63 C219 10/06-5/11 M156.983 6.2L
Mercedes Benz E63 W211 / S211 10/06-10/09 M156.983 6.2L
Mercedes Benz E63 W212 / S212 12/09-1/12 M156.985 6.2L
Mercedes Benz E63 W212 / S212 12/11-5/13 M157.981 5.5L Turbo
Mercedes Benz E63 W212 / S212 6/13-6/17 M157.981 5.5L Turbo
Mercedes Benz ML63 W164 10/06-3/12 M156.980 6.2L
Mercedes Benz S63 W221 9/07-1/11 M156.984 6.2L
Mercedes Benz S63L W221 10/06-12/13 M156.984 6.2L
Mercedes Benz SL63 R230 6/08-7/12 M156.981 6.2L
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