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SWAN Ignition Coil (IC70713)

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BMW 1 / 3 / 5 / 6 / 7 / M / X & Z Series; Rolls Royce Ghost & Wraith

In stock

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 3 $57.20
4 - 5 5 % $54.34
6 - 7 8.01 % $52.62
8+ 10 % $51.48
SWAN Ignition Coils is Australian owned and trademarked

Same day despatch if paid before 3pm (AEST) - Weekdays
SWAN Ignition Coils carry a 24 month's manufacturer's warranty*


Direct O.E.M Replacement SWAN Ignition Coil

Through our understanding of automotive markets around the world SWAN Ignition Coils offer a premium range of coils for all make of vehicle, this is achieved by the use of our state of the art Research and Development facility that utilises the precision of German Engineering.

Connector: 3-Pin w/ Lock
Inlets/Outlets: 1
Number of Ignition Coils Required: 1 per cylinder
Cross Reference: BMW: 12137562744, 12137571643, 12137594937, 12137594938; Bosch: 0 221 504 470

*Please ensure this product is suitable for your vehicle prior to purchase, if you are unsure, contact us for assistance.

Additional information

Weight0.46 kg
Dimensions20 × 6.5 × 6.5 cm

6 reviews for SWAN Ignition Coil (IC70713)

  1. Douglas W. (verified owner)

    Excellent delivery times

  2. Brendon Geen (verified owner)

    Excellent product at a great price and pleasant and efficient service, highly recommended!!

  3. James (verified owner)

    Swapped out original coils on E53 X5 after couple coils started playing up. New set performing well after two weeks of use.

  4. Nickie T. (verified owner)

    Awesome service thank you

  5. Nebojsa Jaric (verified owner)

    Car runs smoother than ever.

  6. Upsull Manapori (verified owner)

    Smooth sale & payment transaction along with dispatching details for shipping to arrival .Your company communication system was faultless for me Thank you.

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BMW116iE873/03-2/08N45 B161.6L
BMW118iE877/04-9/11N46 B20U2.0L
BMW120iE8710/04-6/09N46 B20O2.0L
BMW120iE8710/06-2/10N43 B20A2.0L
BMW120iE885/07-2/10N43 B20A2.0L
BMW120iE826/09-1/10N43 B20A2.0L
BMW316TiE463/00-12/04N42 B181.8L
BMW318CiE463/01-8/06N42 B202.0L
BMW318iE4610/01-1/04N42 B202.0L
BMW318iE462/04-4/05N46 B20A2.0L
BMW318iE463/01-6/05N46 B20A2.0L
BMW318TiE464/01-2/04N42 B202.0L
BMW320CiE4610/02-2/07M54 B222.2L
BMW320iE4610/02-4/05M54 B222.2L
BMW320iE902/04-9/07N46 B20O2.0L
BMW320iE913/05-10/08N46 B20O2.0L
BMW320iE905/07-2/10N46N B202.0L
BMW320iE9210/06-1/10N46N B202.0L
BMW320iE9310/06-1/10N46N B202.0L
BMW320iE9111/08-9/12N46N B202.0L
BMW325CiE4610/02-9/06M54 B252.5L
BMW325iE4610/02-6/05M54 B252.5L
BMW325tiE4610/02-12/04M54 B252.5L
BMW330CiE4610/02-2/07M54 B303.0L
BMW330iE4610/02-4/05M54 B303.0L
BMW520iE399/02-7/03M54 B222.2L
BMW520iE6012/02-2/05M54 B222.2L
BMW525iE399/02-10/03M54 B252.5L
BMW525iE6012/03-5/05M54 B252.5L
BMW530iE399/02-9/03M54 B303.0L
BMW540iE6011/05-6/08N62 B404.0L
BMW545iE60 / E6112/02-8/05N62 B444.4L
BMW550iE60 / E6111/05-6/10N62 B484.8L
BMW645CiE63 / E645/04-10/05N62 B444.4L
BMW650iE632/05-3/12N62 B484.8L
BMW650iE644/05-4/11N62 B484.8L
BMW730iE6510/02-2/05M54 B303.0L
BMW735iE651/02-5/05N62 B363.6L
BMW735LiE668/02-5/05N62 B363.6L
BMW740iE656/05-2/09N62 B404.0L
BMW740LiE666/05-2/09N62 B404.0L
BMW745iE651/02-5/05N62 B444.4L
BMW745LiE668/02-5/05N62 B444.4L
BMW750iE656/05-2/09N62 B484.8L
BMW750LiE666/05-2/09N62 B484.8L
BMW760LiE665/03-2/09N73 B606.0L
BMWM3E465/01-9/07S54 B323.2L
BMWX1E844/10-8/12N46 B20O2.0L
BMWX3E837/04-11/06M54 B252.5L
BMWX3E837/04-11/06M54 B303.0L
BMWX5E5310/02-2/07M54 B303.0L
BMWX5E531/04-2/07N62 B444.4L
BMWX5E538/04-2/07N62 B48A4.8L
BMWX5E703/07-5/10N62 B48B4.8L
BMWZ4E8512/02-11/05M54 B222.2L
BMWZ4E857/03-3/06M54 B252.5L
BMWZ4E857/03-3/06M54 B303.0L
BMWZ4E85 / E864/06-3/09S54 B323.2L
Rolls Royce
Rolls RoyceGhost9/10 onN74 B66A6.6L
Rolls RoyceWraith2013 onN74 B66A6.6L Twin Turbo
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