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SWAN Ignition Coil (IC70714)

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BMW 5 / 7 & 8 Series; Mercedes Benz 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / CL / E / S & SL Series

In stock

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SWAN Ignition Coils carry a 24 month's manufacturer's warranty*


Direct O.E.M Replacement SWAN Ignition Coil

Through our understanding of automotive markets around the world SWAN Ignition Coils offer a premium range of coils for all make of vehicle, this is achieved by the use of our state of the art Research and Development facility that utilises the precision of German Engineering.

Connector: 2 Threaded Posts
Inlets/Outlets: 1
Technical Notes (A): Terminals Right of Coil Post (Refer Picture or O.E No)
Technical Notes (B): Terminals Left of Coil Post ref: IC70715
Number of Ignition Coils Required: Depending on vehicle, either requires 1 x IC70714
or requires 1 x IC70714 + 1 x IC707154 for 2 in total
Cross Reference: Bosch: 0 221 502 431, 0 221 501 007; MB: (A) 000 158 50 03; (A) 000 158 62 03

*Please ensure this product is suitable for your vehicle prior to purchase, if you are unsure, contact us for assistance.

Additional information

Weight0.82 kg
Dimensions10.6 × 9 × 9 cm

2 reviews for SWAN Ignition Coil (IC70714)

  1. Martin N. (verified owner)

    as above

  2. Bill E. (verified owner)

    Good product that fitted well and at a reasonable price

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BMW520iE343/88-9/90M20 B202.0L
BMW525iE349/88-10/90M20 B252.5L SOHC
BMW535iE281/86-8/88M30 B343.4L
BMW535iE349/88-5/93M30 B353.5L
BMW730iE3210/86-3/94M30 B30ME3.0L
BMW735iE327/86-12/90M30 B35ME73.4L
BMW735iLE3210/88-11/92M30 B353.5L
BMW750iLE321/88-10/94M70 B505.0L
BMW850CiE317/89-10/94M70 B505.0L
BMW850CSiE3112/92-6/96S70 B565.6L
BMW850iE317/90-12/92M70 B505.0L
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Mercedes Benz190EW2011/87-4/91M102.9902.5L
Mercedes Benz200W12412/85-5/90M102.9222.0L
Mercedes Benz200EW1249/88-8/92M102.9632.0L
Mercedes Benz230CEC1241987-1992M102.9822.3L
Mercedes Benz230EW1242/86-12/92M102.9822.3L
Mercedes Benz230GEW4601986-1989M102.9872.3L
Mercedes Benz230TES1241986-1989M102.9822.3L
Mercedes Benz260EW1248/88-3/91M103.9402.6L
Mercedes Benz300GEW4631989-1993M103.9873.0L
Mercedes Benz300SEW1264/86-4/92M103.9813.0L
Mercedes Benz300SEW1403/91-5/93M104.9903.2L
Mercedes Benz300SELW1261986-1991M103.9813.0L
Mercedes Benz300SELW1261991-1993M104.9903.2L
Mercedes Benz300SLR1299/89-6/93M104.9813.0L
Mercedes Benz320SW1401991-1993M103.9903.2L
Mercedes Benz400SE / SELW1249/91-6/93M119.9714.2L
Mercedes Benz500SEW1401991-1993M119.9705.0L
Mercedes Benz500SECW1402/91-5/93M119.9705.0L
Mercedes Benz500SLR1291989-1992M119.9605.0L
Mercedes Benz600SELW1404/91-5/93M120.9806.0L
Mercedes Benz600SLW1297/92-6/93M120.9816.0L
Mercedes Benz600W1297/92-6/93M120.9836.0L
Mercedes BenzCL500C1406/96-8/99M119.9705.0L
Mercedes BenzCL600C1406/96-8/99M120.9826.0L
Mercedes BenzE420W1247/93-6/95M119.9754.2L
Mercedes BenzS320/LW1409/93-4/99M104.9903.2L
Mercedes BenzS420/LW1406/93-9/99M119.9714.2L
Mercedes BenzS500/LW1406/93-4/99M119.9705.0L
Mercedes BenzS600LW1406/93-5/96M120.9806.0L
Mercedes BenzSL500R1297/93-9/95M119.9725.0L
Mercedes BenzSL500R12910/95-10/01M119.9825.0L
Mercedes BenzSL600R1297/93-9/95M120.9816.0L
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