SWAN Ignition Coil (IC70860)

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BMW 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / i / M / X & Z Series; Mini Clubman, Cooper/S, Countryman, John Cooper Works & One/First

In stock

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 3 $100.00
4 - 5 5 % $95.00
6 - 7 8 % $92.00
8+ 10 % $90.00
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SWAN Ignition Coils carry a 24 month's manufacturer's warranty*


Direct O.E.M Replacement SWAN Ignition Coil

Through our understanding of automotive markets around the world SWAN Ignition Coils offer a premium range of coils for all make of vehicle, this is achieved by the use of our state of the art Research and Development facility that utilises the precision of German Engineering.

Connector: 3 Pin
Number of Ignition Coils Required: 1 per cylinder
Cross Reference: BMW: 12 13 7 619 385, 12 13 8 643 360, 12 13 8 647 463, 12 13 8 678 438, 12 13 8 689 375, 12 13 8 615 991; Mini: 12 13 7 619 385, 12 13 8 643 360, 12 13 8 647 463, 12 13 8 678 438, 7 619 3851

*Please ensure this product is suitable for your vehicle prior to purchase, if you are unsure, contact us for assistance.

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Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 7 cm


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BMW116iF20 / F217/15-5/19B38 B15A1.5L Turbo
BMW116iF4011/20-ONB38 A15A1.5L Turbo
BMW118iF207/15-5/19B38 B15A1.5L Turbo
BMW118iF407/19-ONB38 A15A1.5L Turbo
BMW120iF20 / F2111/16-10/19B48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW120iF4011/20-ONB48 A20A2.0L Turbo
BMW125iF20 / F2111/16-6/19B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW128tiF4011/20-ONB48 A20B2.0L Turbo
BMW135iF407/19-ONB48 A20E2.0L Turbo
BMW140iF20 / F217/16-6/19B58 B30A3.0L
BMW216iF45 / F462/15-2/18B38 A15A1.5L Turbo
BMW216iF45 / F463/18-ONB38 A15A1.5L Turbo
BMW218iF45 / F4611/14-3/18B38 A15A1.5L Turbo
BMW218iF45 / F464/18-onB38 A15A1.5L Turbo
BMW218iF22 / F233/15-ONB38 B15A1.5L Turbo
BMW218iF4411/19-ONB38 A15A1.5L Turbo
BMW220iF45 / F461/15-3/20B48 A20A2.0L Turbo
BMW220iF22 / F2311/16-ONB48 B20A / B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW225iF4511/14-3/18B48 A20B2.0L Turbo
BMW225xeF4511/14-3/18B38 A15A1.5L (Elec/Petrol)
BMW230iF22 / F2311/16-3/20B48 A20B / B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW235iF4411/19-ONB48 A20E2.0L Turbo
BMW240iF239/15-onB58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMW318iF30, F8010/15-3/18B38 B15A1.5L Turbo
BMW318iF3110/15-5/19B38 B15A1.5L Turbo
BMW318iG20, G213/20-ONB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW320eG20, G219/20-ONB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW320iF30 / F8010/15-1/19B48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW320iF3110/15-1/19B48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW320iF347/16-ONB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW320iG20, G213/19-ONB48 B20B / B48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW320iG207/19-ONB48 B16A1.6L Turbo
BMW330eF30 / F803/16-1/19B48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW330eG207/19-2/20B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW330eG20, G213/20-ONB48 B20A / B46 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW330iF3010/15-1/19B48 B20A / B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW330iF3110/15-1/19B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW330iF3411/16-1/19B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW330iG202/19-onB46 B20B / B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW330iG212/19-onB48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW340iF30 / F8010/15-8/18B58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMW340iF317/15-5/19B58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMW340iF349/16-ONB58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMW418iF32, F365/16-onB38 B15A1.5L Turbo
BMW420iF325/16-onB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW420iF335/16-onB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW420iF365/16-onB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW420iG227/20-ONB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW430iF325/16-onB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW430iF335/16-onB48 B20A / B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW430iF365/16-onB48 B20A / B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW430iG227/20-ONB48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW440iF32 / F33 / F365/16-onB58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMW520iG307/17-6/20B48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMW520iG307/20-ONB48 B20A2.0L Turbo (Elec/Petrol)
BMW530eG30 / G316/17-onB48 B20A2.0L Turbo (Elec/Petrol)
BMW530iG30 / G313/17-onB48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW540iG30, G313/17-onB58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMW630iG327/17-6/20B48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW640iG326/17-6/20B58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMW730iG11, G1211/15-onB48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW730LiG11, G1211/15-onB48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMW740eG1212/16-onB48 B20B2.0L Turbo (Elec/Petrol)
BMW740iG11, G1211/15-onB58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMW740LeG11, G127/16-onB48 B20B2.0L Turbo (Elec/Petrol)
BMW740LiG11, G1211/15-onB58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMWi8I1212/14-5/20B38 K15A1.5L Turbo (Elec/Petrol)
BMWi8I153/18-6/20B38 K15A1.5L Turbo (Elec/Petrol)
BMWM140iF207/16-onB58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMWM235iF4411/19-ONB48 A20E2.0L Turbo
BMWM240iF22 / 239/16-8/18B58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMWM340iG20, G217/19-ONB58 B30B3.0L Turbo
BMWM440iG227/20-ONB58 B30B3.0L Turbo (Elec/Petrol)
BMWX1F4810/15-onB38 A15A1.5L Turbo
BMWX1F4812/15-onB48 A20A/B/F2.0L Turbo
BMWX1F489/15-11/15B48 A20A/B2.0L Turbo
BMWX1F4810/15-onB48 A20B2.0L Turbo
BMWX2F393/18-onB38 A15A1.5L Turbo
BMWX2F3911/17-onB48 A20A2.0L Turbo
BMWX2F393/18-10/20B48 A20A2.0L Turbo
BMWX3G0111/17-onB48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMWX3G01, F9712/17-ONB48 B16A1.6L Turbo
BMWX3G01, F9712/17-ONB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMWX3G014/18-onB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMWX3G01, F978/17-8/19B58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMWX4G02, F984/18-8/19B58 B30A3.0L Turbo
BMWX4G02, F987/18-onB48 B20A2.0L Turbo
BMWX4G02, F987/18-onB48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMWX5G05, F9512/18-onB58 B30C3.0L Turbo
BMWZ4G2911/18-ONB46 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMWZ4G2911/18-ONB48 B20B2.0L Turbo
BMWZ4G2911/18-ONB48 B30C3.0L Turbo
MiniClubmanF5412/14-onB36 A15A / B38 A15A1.5L Turbo
MiniClubmanF5412/14-onB48 A20A / F2.0L Turbo
MiniClubmanF5412/14-onB48 A20A2.0L Turbo
MiniClubmanF545/15-onB38 A15A1.5L Turbo
MiniClubmanF5411/16-6/19B48 A20B2.0L Turbo
MiniCooperF55, F56, F579/13-onB36 A15A / B38 B15A1.5L Turbo
MiniCooper SF55, F56, F574/14 onB46 A20A, B48 A20A2.0L Turbo
MiniCooper SF55, F56, F574/14 onB46 A20A, B48 A20A2.0L Turbo
MiniCountrymanF6010/16-onB38 A15A1.5L Turbo
MiniCountrymanF6010/16-onB46 A20A, B48 A20A2.0L Turbo
MiniCountrymanF601/17-onB38 A15A1.5L Turbo
MiniJohn Cooper WorksF56, F575/15-onB46 A20B, B48 A20B2.0L Turbo
MiniOneF55, F56, F575/14-10/17B38 A12A1.2L Turbo
MiniOne FirstF55, F565/14-10/17B38 A12A1.2L Turbo
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