Sealwel Cooling System Cubes (28 Pack)

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Sealwel Cooling System Cubes (28 Pack)

Sealwel Cooling system Cubes seal leaks in radiator systems by preventing coolant loss, it also seals head gaskets & cracks in engine blocks, repairs leaking frost plugs, reduces engine damage, seals oil to water leaks and seals internal and external leaks.

Sealwel Cubes clean the cooling system by removing scale deposits and rust so as to improve coolant circulation and it will not clog the system.

Sealwel Cubes lubricate bearings, which reduces wear on pump bearings and keeps thermostats & heater valves working.

Sealwel Cubes keeps the system in top condition as it cleans, as it seals, as you drive, providing protection against rust, corrosion, leaks and seepage.

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